A New Post, Finally

Fence post

Hello friends,

I hope you enjoy the new post.

I know, it has been quite some time now since I have graced my blog with horrible drafts of poetry, articles about domestic violence, or mocking the news. For that, I apologize. I won’t bore you with the details of a horrible semester that involved the death of Taco, our elderly Chihuahua, or the protesting and unrest on campus. I won’t even tell you the gory details of fishing coins out of the bathroom toilet to get it unclogged or ripping up our bathroom tile (still under construction). I’m not even going to share the relief of not only surviving the spring 2015 semester, but actually managing to get two A’s and one B.

My husband is the one who keeps pushing me to write on my blog; so here I am. In reality, I have had plenty of time to write a few lines; you know, locked in my bathroom while my children beat the door down because God forbid I have five minutes of rest. The crux of the issue is that many times I doubt my writing. I feel self-conscious about my writing and perhaps that is the result of too many papers being turned in at college and torn up by professors with red pens. Not that I do not like most of my professors, I do, I just wish that I could read a few lines of a major paper between the red marks. Maybe I feel timid about writing because for the first thirty years of my life I was taught to second guess myself. I read a lot and I think that so many wonderfully talented writers exist that I question what new element I can bring to the table.

Now, before this post sounds like one GIANT pity party (Don’t let me fool you, it may very well be), I also want say that I was thinking of deleting this blog until I checked my email one day and an old post of mine had a new ‘like’. Ha! Flattering after all of this time. It was kind of inspiring. So here I am, writing about absolutely nothing, reveling in my ramblings.

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