Synchronicity Teaser Poster


I never would have believed that an innocent writing exercise would turn in to a full-length sci-fi, paranormal, sorta smutty…but not too smutty novel. I’m a few months from publishing and have decided to go the indie route. I am happy, but overwhelmed with this decision, but I believe it will work out fantastically. So, sit back, and enjoy…maybe have a good laugh or two, and enjoy the updates about my debut novel, “Synchronicity”.

2 Comments on “Synchronicity Teaser Poster

  1. Congratulations on publishing! I bought and read the book and am praying there will be a sequel. please tell me it is in the works…


    • Hey there!! Thank you so much for the kind words… And stay tuned because I’m making a super secret announcement on the 1st of November! I’m so happy you enjoyed the book as well!! 😊

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