FREE “Synchronicity” Kindle Download


“Uh, Erin… have you officially lost your mind?”

“Nah, I can’t lose what I don’t have.”

“Why a FREE Kindle download of ‘Synchronicity’?”

“Can’t I do something nice without having my motives questioned?”

Hey folks

Enjoy your free ebook copy of “Synchronicity” and let me know your thoughts.

Have you had two-day-old roadkill that was better than my novel? I want to know about it.

Are you on the edge of the solar system waiting for book 2? Shout out– I mean, really… shout loud because it’s a long ways away and I might not hear you otherwise.

“Okay Erin, stop rambling and give me the link.”


Click Me to Download ‘Synchronicity’ for FREE 

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