“Rejected” Fundraising Anthology is Out on eBook and it is Fantastic!

Front Cover ebookThrough the summer I’d been accepting short stories and poetry submissions for an upcoming anthology I’ve titled “Rejected”.

“Rejected” is two-fold in that every piece submitted to the anthology had to have been rejected for publication by a publishing press at least one time and the anthology itself supports the Spay/Neuter Coalition in Georgia, a licensed non-profit organization that offers education and access to affordable spay/neuter options.

One question I’ve gotten asked is how I found the Coalition. When I had the idea for this anthology, I also had the idea that I wanted to find a not for profit, small organization to support as I felt it juxtaposed well with the idea that I, myself, consider my platform relatively small. I believe that small actions make big impacts.

So, I put the question out there on my Facebook platform asking friends if they knew of any small organizations that advocated for our four-legged friends. I received several good choices and in the end decided to reach out to the Coalition who graciously agreed to accept the funds that “Rejected” will raise.

(**As of now, just one day after publication “Rejected” has raised close to $25 for the Coalition!)

The anthology itself turned out the be over three-hundred pages and over one-hundred-thousand words. I tried to accept each story and poem that I possibly could, but in the end I did have to turn down a few pieces. This was what I would consider the most difficult part of the process. As a writer myself, I understand that gut-tearing feeling of being rejected, and I’m not sure that since this was an anthology specifically for rejected pieces if it made that letter harder for the writers. Maybe I should have considered two volumes? Maybe? I don’t know. One is stressful enough. But I genuinely believe in what we do.

As advertised “Rejected” (See how I keep linking it? That’s a hint!) boasts a multitude of genres and poetry that has been carefully edited by my personal friend and editor, Linette Kasper, formatted by KH Formatting, and last but absolutely NOT least, the cover was designed by Leslie Safford (Who I keep saying needs a website but does not currently have one). Anyhow, these ladies have done an absolutely FANTASTIC job teaming up with me to see this anthology through.

I can guarantee that y’all readers are going to love the mashup of horror meets psych thriller meets sci-fi meets romance meets drama meets contemporary poetry meets fantasy meets traditional poetry and I could go on, but you’re smart, and you get it.

A rare cuddly moment between me and one my rescue cats, Archie.

Having rescued several friends over the past couple of years, I’ve seen first-hand shelters struggling because they’re over capacity and the horror of high-kill animal shelters. One effective way to help minimize this is to offer cost-effective access to spay and neutering. This can also benefit feral cat populations.

Finally, I would like to thank all the authors and poets who have contributed to this anthology, to everyone who has shared the posts on my Facebook Author Page to help get the word out about this amazing, limited-edition anthology. They have been wonderful to work with and I appreciate their patience and professionalism throughout the process!

I will be sure to make another post as soon as “Rejected” is available in paperback. For now, be sure to snag your electronic copy for only $1.99!


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