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“Rejected” Fundraising Anthology is Out on eBook and it is Fantastic!

Through the summer I’d been accepting short stories and poetry submissions for an upcoming anthology I’ve titled “Rejected”. “Rejected” is two-fold in that every piece submitted to the anthology had to have been rejected for publication by a publishing press at least one time… Continue Reading ““Rejected” Fundraising Anthology is Out on eBook and it is Fantastic!”

Things We Left

Before I begin the story I’d like to give a great big Shout Out to Writers Unite!, a Facebook group I am a member of that challenges its members each month with a new photo writing prompt (see above) and check out their website… Continue Reading “Things We Left”

The Unlikely Trouble with Pecan Pies

Recently, round one results of the NYC Midnight 2019 short story contest were released. My piece, “The Unlikely Trouble with Pecan Pies” placed forth and I moved on to round two!! Without further adieu: The Unlikely Trouble with Pecan Pies   By Erin Crocker… Continue Reading “The Unlikely Trouble with Pecan Pies”

Week #3 of “Forbidden” Character Interviews w/ Your Chance to Win!!

I’m excited to announce that this week’s “Forbidden” character interview is with Bridgette Dawning! As always, feel free to leave your questions in the comment section of this post or on the Facebook post. One winning question will receive an Amazon E-Gift card! Just… Continue Reading “Week #3 of “Forbidden” Character Interviews w/ Your Chance to Win!!”

New Fundraiser Anthology Announcement!!

This year I’ll be putting together another multi-genre anthology titled “Rejected” where all online proceeds will go to benefit Georgia-based 501c3 non-profit group Spay and Neuter coalition. This group works with the public to educate and provide cost-effective options for spaying and neutering pets.… Continue Reading “New Fundraiser Anthology Announcement!!”

Monday: Forbidden Character Interviews w/ Bernadette Withermoore

This evening we are fortunate to have Bernadette Withermoore with us to answer a few questions from our friends! Fun fact about Bernadette–her original last name was Witherstock, but it sounded too much like Colstock and was changed during the final edits. So, without… Continue Reading “Monday: Forbidden Character Interviews w/ Bernadette Withermoore”

“Forbidden” Character Interviews Continue w/ Another Chance to Win!!

I’m excited to announce next Monday’s character interview for “Forbidden“. While it might seem that Bernadette Withermoore has a menial role throughout the story, the meaning behind this character is quite significant. I won’t go into interpretations in this particular post but want to… Continue Reading ““Forbidden” Character Interviews Continue w/ Another Chance to Win!!”

We All Fall Down

“Ashes, ashes! Ashes, ashes! Ashes!” Little Serenity’s shrill voice carried, with ease, through the living room and into the narrow kitchen of the two bedroom home. Ed rubbed his wrinkled forehead and added more vodka to the mug of orange juice that sat alongside… Continue Reading “We All Fall Down”

Monday: “Forbidden” Character Interviews with Reverend Elijah Colstock

I get so excited when my characters agree to interviews. I am glad to introduce the first interview in a series of interviews with questions asked directly by readers and answered by the characters of “Forbidden“, my newest novella. Today, we will be hearing… Continue Reading “Monday: “Forbidden” Character Interviews with Reverend Elijah Colstock”

“Forbidden” Character Reviews and Your Chance to WIN!!

“Forbidden” character interviews coming each Monday! Ask a question and enter for your chance to win!