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Childhood, Fragments

My first memory was my dog dragging a dead rat into my bedroom. Mom walked in I played with my limp toy. Its polished eye watched, she scolded the pup. Showered, I sat on dusty carpet and listened; the owl clock above the sink. Her… Continue Reading “Childhood, Fragments”

As a Child, Words Hurt Worse Than Being Hit

    I could still walk into that house and smell leather, the sweet odor cracked into peach wall paper that closed in on my body until I vomited fields of soy beans. Outside of the rows, I’d pick wild berries. An almanac cautioned about… Continue Reading “As a Child, Words Hurt Worse Than Being Hit”

Curiosity Doesn’t Always Sneak Around Killing Cats

Curiosity Doesn’t Always Sneak Around Killing Cats   On Friday nights she puts on Ariats, clouds of smoke, clanking shot glasses.   She prefers to recline in a dryer chair, pink lemonade. At the gas station practicing checkers, a pitcher of sun tea. Between… Continue Reading “Curiosity Doesn’t Always Sneak Around Killing Cats”