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Nature as a Teacher

Now, after decades spent trying to figure out why aspects of my life have not made sense, do I understand the need for Transcendentalism. I can truly appreciate why Thoreau and Emerson spent their time surrounded by nature and in the most truest sense,… Continue Reading “Nature as a Teacher”

Now Accepting Submissions for Cocky-Tales Anthology

  Nah! I haven’t lost my mind–I mean, truly, who can lose what they’ve never had? I never, ever thought I would be publishing an anthology, but I also never, ever thought I would hear of such a thing as an author trying to… Continue Reading “Now Accepting Submissions for Cocky-Tales Anthology”

Suburban Dream

Suburbia is a nap. Not an early evening nap that fades to night and eases into the next morning, but one of those thirty minute cat naps after which the sleeper jolts awake in a state of confusion and spends the remainder of the… Continue Reading “Suburban Dream”

The Final Battle

    On a whim, I entered the NYC Midnight short story contest. Turns out, there were around 4,000 entries and only a little over 500 were selected to move on to round two. “The Final Battle” ended up placing first in my heat.… Continue Reading “The Final Battle”

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Once Upon a Time in Suburbia (incomplete)

Navy blue boxes of processed macaroni and cheese at the grocery store. Black SUVs parking in make believe driveways. A highlighted forest of reverse bobs. Attack out of monstrous boredom. Greyish- white snow, static. “I was so busy,” speaks the diplomatic, suburban headlines. Read… Continue Reading “Once Upon a Time in Suburbia (incomplete)”