Synchronicity Update



Hey folks!

I first would like to apologize. I am terrible at keeping my blog updated with new info, and I’d blame it on the day I ran out of tin foil and spent the next month being chased by aliens from outer space who turned out to be Shemar Moore lookalikes who mesmerized me and caused me to temporarily lose my remaining threads of sanity. But that’s just making excuses which never did anyone any good.

If you didn’t know, “Synchronicty” is out. Woohoo! I’m creating a link… I think.. Try clicking here to check it out.

Did you click? Oh, sorry, yeah… right back there… two sentences ago, last paragraph. That’s the link to view it on Amazon. I’ve even managed to get a few pretty groovy reviews. Not even kidding, I’m digging the feedback and an equal mix of humbled and flattered that my little ‘ol book is getting read. Very cool!

I am currently working on a sequel to “Synchronicty” entitled “Menoetius” (Side note: Autocorrect tried to change it to Mennonites. Not that I have a problem with Mennonites, but I’m not sure they’d fit well in my telepathic-conspiracy driven-young adult- scifi-romance- thriller. We’ll see…

Stay tuned, I’ll be posting a YouTube link to the first trailer to “Menoetius”.

In the meanwhile, KNOW THIS… I Love The Support. I Love the emails and kind words.

Thank You ALL!


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